Icon KCAL Icon Of protein Icon Of fiber Icon No sugar

A protein bar,
the taste of which you will love!

  • Icon Helps build and maintain muscle mass
  • Icon Great, weight loss friendly snack
  • Icon Perfect for a pre/post workout meal
  • Icon Covered in milk chocolate
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What is NuviaGo?

NuviaGo is an excellent, full-bodied protein bar that will help you achieve and maintain your dream figure without sacrificing your love for sweets. The right proportions of nutrients provide ideal support for physically active people - both amateur and professional.

And all this in the form of a delicious and filling bar with the taste of cookies and cream.
NuviaGo - the only protein supplement you need!

The NuviaGo protein bar is perfect...

Icon FOR BREAKFAST Ideal for the
morning rush
Icon BEFORE WORKING OUT A boost of energy required
for exercise
Icon AFTER WORKING OUT Dose of protein to
strengthen your muscles
Icon ON A DIET A small amount of sugar
and only 173 kcal!
Icon FOR DESSERT You will love this taste
right from the start
Icon WHILE TRAVELING A convenient snack -
eat where you want
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What does the NuviaGo bar offer?

Icon Protein

NuviaGo contains high quality protein - up to 20 grams per bar! Such a dose of protein will not only strengthen the effects of your workouts, but also ensure faster muscle regeneration. But that's not all. Protein is accompanied by other valuable substances, such as fiber, that will support your digestive system.

Icon Delicious taste

Nutrition and training support aren't enough - the NuviaGo protein bar has a unique taste and texture. The product has everything we love the most - a crispy interior with the taste of cookies and cream under a velvety milk chocolate coating. A delicious snack, which not only will not harm your figure, but will even strengthen the effects of your efforts!

Icon A small amount of sugar

NuviaGo is a bar designed not only for your taste buds but also for your health and figure. Our snack won't go to your hips or on your belly! We have made sure that each bar contains the minimum amount of sugars and only those that are naturally present in the products used to make it. NuviaGo is not a cheat meal - quite the contrary! It's extra fuel on your path to fitness.

100 g Per bar
(55 g)
Energy value 315 Kcal/
1321 KJ
172 Kcal/
725 KJ
of which saturates
7.5 g
4.1 g
4.1 g
2.3 g
of which sugars
of which polyols
of which starch
34.4 g
2.9 g
28.0 g
3.5 g
18.9 g
1.6 g
15.4 g
1.9 g
Fibres 4.5 g 2.5 g
Proteins 36.4 g 20.0 g
Salt 0.55 g 0.30 g

Expert Opinion


The NuviaGo protein bar is an excellent way to ensure a healthy dose of protein and energy. An adequate supply of protein in your diet is extremely important - especially for those who exercise. Proteins are the building blocks of the muscles, without which it is impossible to sculpt your figure or regenerate effectively after a workout. Whether you exercise to lose weight or build mass, you want to burn fat, not muscle. If we don't get enough protein, our workouts won't bring the expected results.

Why is it worth going for a NuviaGo protein bar?
Firstly, a high protein content, with low calorific value and reduced sugar. This makes the snack a great substitute for a protein supplement!

Easton Elliott Fitness Trainer
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nuviago review

My first experience with protein bars ended in SUCCESS! NuviaGo is ideal as a post-workout supplement. My gym bag is much lighter since I don't carry a protein supplement and a shaker in it. From now on I only need NuviaGo.

nuviago review

Thanks to NuviaGo I survived my diet! It is an excellent source of protein and energy that I need and at the same time a tasty, healthy and low-calorie dessert. I recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight without having to sacrifice sweets.

nuviago review

The best protein bars I have ever eaten. I always have them at hand: at home, at work, in the car, while on vacation. They are great after working out, when the exhausted body needs carbohydrates and protein.

nuviago review

I've tried dozens of different bars and I have to admit - NuviaGo are the best! What's more, I don't have to buy any additional pre and post workout supplements. NuviaGo contains all the nutrients a person needs when training intensively.



01. What is NuviaGo? v

NuviaGo is a brand offering high-protein bars as a tasty alternative to breakfasts, desserts and pre- and post-workout meals. Our products are unique because they are inspired by the taste of cookies and cream, adored all over the world!

02. How many bars are there in 1 package? v

When choosing the Standard package, it contains 12 NuviaGo bars in one package. By purchasing the Optimal package you will receive up to 36 bars, saving 10%!

03. What flavor is a NuviaGo bar? v

NuviaGo is a protein bar with a delicate texture and a delicious cookies and cream taste.

04. What distinguishes a NuviaGo bar from other competing products? v

Unlike competing products, the NuviaGo bar contains a minimum amount of natural sugar. NuviaGo bars are made with passion and in harmony with nature. The large amount of protein and other nutrients provides a real feast for the palate - without the need to feel guilty.

05. Where is the product made? v

NuviaGo bars are manufactured in the European Union.

06. How can I pay for the product? v

You will pay for the product in a convenient way, e.g. with a debit/credit card by bank transfer or cash on delivery.

07. How long will I wait for my package to be delivered? v

The package will be sent immediately after the order is placed.

Strengthen your body with NuviaGo!

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